HONDA XR 250 1996 Dual Sport Kit Installation Manual


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Get a degree in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. (Just kidding!) 2. Remove the seat, side panels, radiator shrouds, and gas tank.
If you are color blind or even think you might be a little color blind, now is the time to get someone to assist you. Successful installation of the kit requires good color recognition. You want to go riding this weekend, don’t you? 3. Unplug the green and blue taillight wires from the stock wiring harness, remove the taillight lens, and remove the taillight socket and wiring. 4. Unplug the headlight from the stock wiring harness and remove. 5. Remove the kill switch. Unplug the black/white wire and the black wire from the connector near the base of the odometer. AC Regulator Unplug taillight here Photo 1 6. Locate the AC voltage regulator found mounted on the front top edge of the airbox as shown in Photo 1. Unplug the regulator from the wiring harness and remove regulator (Leave the U-bolt
attached to the airbox and save the bolt for a later step)