Installation manual for fork springs


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1.) Motorcycle is securely jacked up on an assembly stand Jack up the bike at the front axis so that the fork is completely extended, not loaded and free to be moved. You might also hang up your bike using a cable or a hydraulic jack. 2. ) It is advisable to dismount the forks’ inner tubes because otherwise oil rests might remain in the lower part of the fork and the cartridge systems oil cannot be exchanged during drain off. Even degassing the fork is going to be much simpler this way. .) Take off brake callipers, front wheel and front fender Tip: 1. Check the owner’s repair manual of your motorbike for disassembly instruction. 2. Do not let the brake callipers dangle on the lines; rather fasten them with a cable tie or put them aside 4.) Measure the position of the fork inner tube inside the fork bridges Measure how far the fork bars jut out from the upper fork bridge then note down the exact amount in the text-box below. The protrude of the fork bars in mm Tip: Both bars should protrude exactly the same distance. 5.1) Loosen the clamping screws of the upper fork bridge 5.2) Release the fork caps for approximately one turn of the thread. 5.3) Loosen the clamping screws of the lower fork bridge. Tip: With some models, the clamping screws must be taken out completely.