1987 to Current Harley Davidson Softail (FLST Only) Motorcycle Trike Conversion removal and Installation Guide


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Removal of Original Parts Secure and raise motorcycle 9 to 10 inches using a quality motorcycle lift. Remove the following from the vehicle. See OEM manual for detailed instructions. Items to be retained for reinstallation after modification are noted. • Seat (to be re-installed without modification). • Left and right saddle bags (if so equipped). • Left and right rear crash bars, saddlebag rails (if so equipped). • Left and right passenger foot rests (to be re-installed without modification) • Complete exhaust system (to be replaced with new system). • Rear wheel NOTE: Prior to removing rear wheel, depress foot brake and secure in down position (e.g., zip-tie to floor board). This will prevent fluid flow when rear brake caliper is removed • Remove Rear Caliper (disconnect brake line at caliper) NOTE: Cap line to prevent introduction of dust / debris into line. Remove caliper. • Rear Drive Pulley (1987-99 models to be re-installed without modification). • Rear Fender (2000 and newer models, fender mount plates to be reused). • Swing Arm NSTALLING TRIKE CONVERSION KIT 3.1 Sprockets and Drive Belts Specifications See following table for belt installation (1987-99 will use a 4 tooth longer belt) Note : See OEM manual for belt replacement procedure. Year Drive Sprocket OEM Belt New Belt / Sprocket 1987-92 70 T 132 T 136 1993-94 61 T 128 T 132 1995-99 65 T 130 T 136/70TOEM 2000-06 Champion Sprocket, 70 T 135 T Use OEM 2007 Up Champion Sprocket, 66 T Use OEM 3.2 Install Swing Arm É Noting size and location of bolts, remove Cross Assembly from Champion Swing Arm. Do not discard hardware. Figure 1 3.2.1 1987-99 Model Years • Remove bearings from OEM Swing Arm using OEM shop tools and hydraulic press. Note : Although original bearings can be re-used, it is HIGHLY recommended that NEW bearings be installed to Champion Swing Arm a. b. Press bearings into Champion Swing Arm in the same way as the OEM Swing Arm. Using OEM Spacer Tube and supplied washers (four ¾” flat washers), install Champion Swing Arm using OEM bolt, outside washers and nut. Do not torque pivot bolt nut at this time. Figure 2 Note : Insure belt path is over and under Swing Arm pivot. c. d. Replace cross assembly and hardware (previously removed in step 3.2) to Champion Swing Arm. Note that the 2 upper left hand side bolts are countersunk. Torque pivot bolt to OEM specification