2003-2007 Victory Motorcycles Installation Instructions for S&S Freedom Performance Tuner


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Once the download of S&S Freedom Performance Tuner has been installed on your PC, double click the icon on your desk top. Picture 3 illustrates the S&S Freedom Performance Tuner icon. 2- Enter in your Username and Password and click the login button. Your Username and Password for logging in will be the same as your login for Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 3 3 – Once you’re logged onto S&S® Freedom® Performance Tuner, click on the Year and Model of the bike you’re performing the work on in the middle of the page as illustrated in Picture 4. 4 – Click on the Select Vehicle tab at the bottom of the page as illustrated in Picture 5. The tabs on the left side of the page will now be illuminated. Picture 4 Picture 5 4 5- Click on the ECU Reprogramming tab on the left side of the screen as illustrated in Picture 6. 6- In the center of the screen you will now be prompted to enter in customer information, VIN number of the motorcycle you are performing calibration download on, and calibration card number. Select a re-flash file from the drop down list that you want to download into the motorcycle. All the fields must be filled out for you to continue with the download. Picture 7 illustrates the information screen with required fields filled out. Picture 6 Picture 7 5 Note: Due to the limited description space available in the drop down list in S&S® Freedom® Performance Tuner, a detailed list of available calibrations and part numbers can be viewed on the S&S dealer web. Go to ® Calibrations on the left side of the home page. Here you will find a detailed list of calibrations and part numbers for reference only. Picture 8 illustrates the home page and location for the S&S/Victory Calibrations. Picture 9 illustrates the calibrations for reference