Honda CBR F4 or F4I 600cc Engine PE-ECU-1 System INSTALLATION


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The PE-ECU-1 can be installed on virtually any 1,2,4,6 or 8 cylinder even-firing engine that requires fuel injection and/or ignition control. All of the functions of the ECU can be adjusted by using a laptop or PC running Windows. The following describes the basic requirements for using the system with a Honda 600cc F4 or F4I motorcycle engine. Please refer to the User’s Manual for a more in-depth description. Input Sensors The stock Honda F4 and F4I crank position sensors can be used with the PE-ECU-1 engine control system, provided the engine controller is configured for a 2- wire variable reluctance sensor. The configuration for the input is handled at the factory via a set of board jumpers. If the type of crank sensor should ever be changed, please contact PE for support on this issue. The stock Honda crank sensor should be wired according to the following: • Solid Yellow Wire – Pin 34 on ECU • Yellow with White Stripe (GND) – Pin 25 on ECU Failure to wire the sensor in this way may result in an engine that misfires and/or has incorrect ignition timing. The stock Honda trigger wheel cannot be used with the PE-ECU-1 system due to the differences in the number and spacing of the teeth. The PE-ECU-1 must be provided with a 12-1 pulse-train, correctly phased with TDC #1 according to Figure 1