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INSTALLATION – TOP COVER 1. See Figure 3. Remove and retain the stock screw (J) from the top of the transmission upper cover (I). 2. Ease the left side of the cover through the right side of the engine. You may need to angle the transmission cover slightly as you work it into position. 3. Fasten the weld-nut end of the top-cover bracket (2) to the top cover (4) using the screw (3) from the kit. Torque the screw to 6.6 – 9 ft-lbs (8.9 – 12.2 Nm). 4. Fasten the top of the top-cover bracket (2) to the left side of the transmission upper cover using the screw (J) removed in step 1. Torque the screw to 8 – 10 ft-lbs (10.8 – 13.5 Nm). 5. Install the Softail transmission-interface cover (D). Go to the next section in this instruction sheet. NOTE Save the washer (1) from this kit for transmission-interface cover installation. INSTALLATION – INTERFACE COVER 1. See Figure 1. Remove the screw (1) from interface cover at location 1. Keep the screw for installation. 2. Loosen the screw (2) at location 2 approximately three turns. 3. See Figure 2. Position the slotted hole (1) on the interface- cover mounting bracket (2) behind the washer at location 2. 4. Install the screw (4) from Step 1 through the mounting hole on the bracket and into location 1. Tighten the screw to 7 – 9 ft-lbs (9.5 – 12 Nm). 5. Tighten the screw (3) in location 2 to 13-16 ft-lbs (17.6 – 21.7 Nm). 6. See Figure 3. Place the interface cover (D) in position on the motorcycle. Spread the oil-line grommet (E) to wrap around the oil lines, then re-position the grommet in the interface cover. The edge of the interface cover must overlap the top of the top cover