Ducati Front Suspension and Wheel Installation Manual


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It is important to follow the proper installation sequence for installing the front suspension components. With out doing so it is possible to incorrectly align the front axle in the forks or misalign the forks themselves. Be careful to tighten the pinch bolts for the forks and the axle to the correct torque as many of the large diameter axles are thin-walled and can become permanently distorted if over- torqued. It is also possible to distort the fork stanchions or overstress the triple clamp with excessive torque. The forks derive a significant portion of there rigidity from a strong junction with the axle and triple clamp. Always sequentially cross tighten the pinch bolts to allow an even compression. Cogent Dynamics recommends measuring your fork position (height of the “legs”) using the bottom surface of the lower triple clamp as the datum point as shown in the Ducati service manual. Once the height is correctly set, clamp the lower pinch bolts to hold the forks in this position. The top clamp should have all three pinch bolts loose at this point (this includes the steering stem pinch bolt). Also the steering stem top bolt should be loosened. Clean and grease the axle before inserting it into the wheel. Avoid damaging the thin-walled axle, during installation. Once the axle is inserted through the fork lowers and the, line up the holes in the axle with the holes in the axle clamps so that the through-holes allow screwdriver access to the compression valve adjusters (for forks with the bottom compression adjusters.