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The Akrapovic RACING OPEN & EVOLUTION OPEN line is the highest level of Akrapovic exhaust systems and with hexagonal shaped muffler fits perfectly with the aggressive character of the ‘Z’. The conical tubing with interference crossover tubes between the header tubes work exceptionally well. With the Akrapovic exhaust system you will get massive power boost, more torque, a sportier sound and an even more aggressive top- level look on this muscular roadster. You can choose between classy titanium or carbon- fiber mufflers that stand out through their excellent quality. The systems are available in open version only. Besides great power and torque, you will also save in overall weight, as the Akrapovic system weighs 10.21 kg (RACING) or 11.5 kg (EVOLUTION) less than the stock assembly. PERFORMANCE Measurements of the Akrapovic RACING OPEN & EVOLUTION OPEN system on the Ka- wasaki Z 1000: The power curve shows a huge increase over the stock performance figures. It is much more linear, which means the engine is pulling strong and consistently right from the lowest rpm to the highest part of the overrev range. We measured a maximum increased power of 10.0 HP at 10270 rpm. The same goes for torque, which is also increased through entire rpm range. The drop-outs in the stock curve are filled and like the power curve, there is a major increase from 4000 rpm on. CONFIGURATION The configuration of the Akrapovic RACING OPEN & EVOLUTION OPEN system for the Z 1000 is 4-2-1, made of conical stainless steel or titanium tubes. The system includes interference crossover tubes between the header tubes, giving the Kawasaki increased performance characteristics. The muffler is available with either a titanium or carbon-fiber outer sleeve, attached to the motorcycle with an Akrapovic carbon-fiber muffler clamp. The individual elements of the system – header tubes, collector, link pipe and muffler – are connected with sleeve joints, secured with silicon-shielded springs.