The Honda VTX 1300 Keyless Ignition Switch Installation instructions


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Remove the seat from the motorcycle.2. Lift the ignition module off of the battery cover and let it drape over the side of the motorcycle. 3. Remove the battery cover and disconnect the negative battery cable. 4. Remove the gas tank and set it aside. There is a vent line at the right rear of the tank, a vacuum line and the gas feed line on the left side of the tank at the petcock, and two speedometer connectors at the left front of the gas tank. 5. Remove the clip from the top of the steering head cover and remove the right hand side cover. See picture at right. 6. Remove the headlight to expose the wiring connectors inside the headlight shell. 7. Remove the left-hand side cover. On the left side of the frame is an electrical wire shroud wire tied to the left side of the frame with a reusable wire tie. Inside this cover is the 3-pin connector that connects the ignition switch to the bike’s wiring harness. Pull the small lever back to release the wire tie and remove the wire tie. Pull back the wire shroud to reveal the wire connectors inside. Disconnect the 3-pin connector that comes from the ignition switch. Remove the two bolts holding the ignition switch to the bike’s frame. See Picture at right. Remove the ignition switch from the bike. You may have to remove the connector body from the ignition switch wires to slide the wires through the frame when removing the ignition switch. You may now reinstall the side cover. 8. Lay the new wiring harness along the backbone of the bike with the two 9-pin connectors at the headlight and the 6-pin and 3-pin connectors at the battery. Insert the two 9-pin connectors through the large hole in the back of the headlight shell. Inside the headlight shell is a red 9-pin connector. Disconnect this red 9-pin connector and insert the new wiring harness connecting each side to the red 9-pin connectors. See picture at right