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Installation 1. Place the saddlebags on the vehicle so the straps are positioned over the top of the passenger seat. 2. Lace saddlebags together. 3. Adjust the leather straps so the saddlebags ride high and fit snugly and evenly against the side of the seat. Top of saddlebags may be replaced to achieve snug fit. NOTE On some models, the rear turn signal lights may interfere with mounting of saddlebags. To correct this, a new directional set-back kit is available under part number 90504-82. This kit allows the rear signal lights to be mounted in the rear positions on the fender support, on 1982 and later FXR and XL models. Contact your Harley- Davidson Dealer to obtain this kit. If rear turn signal lights interfere with saddlebags, see your Harley-Davidson Dealer for a turn signal set-back kit. Proper turn signal operation and visibility is a major concern for motorcyclists. Failure to have visible, operational rear turn signals may result in death or serious injury. 4. The front securing straps must be fastened to a point on the motorcycle which is forward of the saddlebags, such as the upper shock mount or fender brace. Be certain the straps so not interfere with any moving parts. Improper positioning or fastening of these saddlebags could cause them to interfere with the operation of the vehicle, possibly causing a hazardous condition. The fastening straps and the saddlebags must be clear of the rear wheel, drive chain or belt, sprocket and rear brake components. Location of the saddlebags should not interfere with the operation of the swingarm and rear shocks and the turn signals should remain clearly visible from the rear and side of the vehicle. Improperly positioned or fastened saddlebags could interfere with the operation of the motorcycle, which could result in death or serious injury. 5. The rear securing straps must be fastened to a point which is rearward of the saddlebags such as the rear turn signal light support. 6. Check that saddlebags are mounted with ample clearance between the bags and the brake caliper and disc so they do not contact each other, even when the swingarm deflects under full load. 7. Once both saddlebags are mounted correctly, check all securing straps to be certain they are not interfering with or exposed to any moving parts. Tuck the tails of the leather straps underneath the portion of the straps that connect the two saddlebags. NOTE On some motorcycles, it will be necessary to mount the saddlebags over the outside surface of the rear shock. This is acceptable if all CAUTIONS and WARNINGS are observed