2007 KTM EXC LED Taillight and Turn Signal Kit Installation Instructions


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Remove the seat & fuel tank. Photo 1 Unplug 2. Unplug the two three-pin connectors that mate the taillight & turn signal power leads to the stock wiring harness on top of the airbox. See Photo 1. 3. Unbolt and remove the stock taillight & rear turn signal assembly from the rear fender. The wires & connectors will pull through the gap in the fender/airbox plastic with a little finesse. 4. Unplug the two small white plastic connectors near the upper edge of the stock taillight lens and separate the wire extension from the taillight. See Photo 2. Photo 2 Unplug these two connectors and remove wire extension Photo 3 Remove 5. Using a sharp blade or cut-off wheel, remove the two molded mounting bosses on the bottom of the fender. See Photo 3. 6. Attach the new LED taillight to the fender as shown using the provided countersunk mounting hardware. Use the two longer bolts for the front mounts. The LED cluster should not protrude beyond the edge of the fender