Toyota and Lexus Clogged Power Steering Reservoir Filter


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Clogged Power Steering Reservoir Filter – Toyota & Lexus Toyota and Lexus vehicles with power steering. Noise coming from the power steering pump or reduced assist from the power steering system. Noise or reduced assist may be caused by restriction in the power steering fluid reservoir. Most Toyota/Lexus-style reservoirs have a filter screen at the bottom. Over a period of time this filter could get clogged causing the restriction of fluid. Replace any hose that shows signs of cracking or internal deterioration. Thoroughly flush the power steering system; then remove the reservoir for cleaning as follows: 1. Clean the exterior and interior of reservoir with new power steering fluid or suitable solvent. 2. Blow off the filter screen using pressurized air until restriction or clog is removed. 3. Using a flashlight, check to make sure that the filter screen is free of debris. Note: Contamination may be an indication of internal breakdown of hoses, which must be replaced before operating the vehicle. Failure to replace bad hoses could damage both the pump and steering unit. 4. Reinstall reservoir, referring to the service manual for tightening specs and bleeding procedures.