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INSTALLATION 1. Note the left and right areas on frame where the covers will be installed. Using a 50/50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water, thoroughly clean the frame tubes surrounding the fuel cell on the left and right sides. Let dry completely. 2. Unlock and open seat. NOTE Loosening the ignition/light switch screw (in the following step) will allow much easier alignment of the ignition/light switch cover and ignition/light switch during installation. 3. See Figure 1. At area inside of frame rail just above the ignition/light switch housing, loosen the ignition/light switch screw just enough to allow the ignition/switch switch to move slightly from side to side and up and down. Do not completely remove screw 4. See Figure 4. Obtain the right side cover bracket (ignition/light switch side) from kit. 5. Remove the strips protecting the adhesive at all of the raised sections on the cover. 1 2 is 02045 1. Ignition/Light Switch Screw 2. Ignition/Light Switch Figure 1. Loosen Ignition Switch Assembly 6. See Figure 2. Carefully align the right side cover between the three frame tubes. Beginning with the left portion of the cover, press the cover between the upper and lower frame tubes until the raised portions of cover (with adhesive) begin to snap into place. While carefully aligning the right portion of the cover, move the ignition/light switch as necessary until centered within hole in cover, then firmly press into place. Adjust ignition/light switch until the switch is centered within cover. Make sure all raised locations (with adhesive) are firmly contacting the upper and lower frame tubes and that cushion rests against front vertical frame tube. 7. See Figure 1. Tighten the ignition switch screw to 6-10 Nm (53-88 in-lbs ) . NOTE The right side (ignition/light) switch cover surface can be damaged by the key fob (from vibration) when the key is in the ignition and the bike is running. You can either remove the key fob so it does not damage the cover surface, or you can install the plastic clear sheet (included in kit) onto the side cover for protection. 8. If desired, perform the following to install the plastic clear cover onto the ignition/light switch cover. a. Obtain the plastic (rhino) sheet and hold up to the switch cover to determine proper orientation and spacing. b. Carefully peel the adhesive backing from the plastic sheet and position onto the cover. Use a wet sponge, and working out from the center, rub out any bubbles or overlapped areas under the sheet. Allow to dry completely.