Harley-Davidson Electra Glide LED Motorcycle Lightbar Installation Guide


Filed Under (Harley Davidson) by admin on 29-01-2011

Mounting IMPORTANT! The lightbar should be located a minimum of 16″ from any radio antennas! This product is designed to mount in the lowest, visable section of the motorcycle windshield. The mounting procedure requires removal of the front facia panel of the motorcycle. 1. Remove the 3 screws along the base of the windshield from the upper section of the faring facia panel. 2. Remove the 4 remaining screws (shown above) that secure the facia panel to the faring. With these screws removed, the facia and windshield can now be removed from the motorcycle faring. 3. Position the lightbar into its mounting position. The base of the lightbar fits onto the three screw bosses used by the screws removed in step 1. 4. With the facia panel removed, the lightbar should now be wired. 5. Route the wires to their respective destinations. It is left to the installation technician’s discretion to select a path for these wires that will both protect them from possible damage and not interfere with the operation of any other vehicle components or equipment. 6. Using the original hardware removed in steps 1 & 2, remount the faring and windshield according to the motorcycle manufacturers service manual