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This 45-amp Rotor Kit is designed for installation on 1999 and later FLHT, FLHTC, FLHR, FLHRI, FLHRCI and FLTR Model Motorcycles. Existing Rotor Removal 1. Remove seat and disconnect battery terminals, negative cable first. 2. Follow instructions in applicable Service Manual and remove the primary chaincase cover. Remove the clutch, primary chain, compensating sprocket and shaft extension as a single assembly. 3. Remove the alternator rotor spacer, if present. Installation The laminated high-output rotor in this kit contains magnets that are considerably more powerful than those used in most previous rotors. The ROTOR REMOVER/INSTALLER and SHAFT PROTECTOR SLEEVE (HD-41771) must be used to prevent parts damage during rotor removal and installation. 1. See Figure 1. Verify threads are clean and thread the Shaft Protector and Rotor Remover/Installer, if removed. NOTE The Shaft Protector Sleeve not only protects the threads from the splines of the rotor, but acts as a guide to ensure that the rotor is properly centered. 2. Turn thumbscrews of Rotor Remover/Installer into threaded holes in rotor face. CAUTION 1 WARNING 1 WARNING 1 WARNING Kit Number 29999-97B Figure 1. Install Shaft Protector and Rotor Installer Engine Sprocket Shaft 1. Make Sure Threads are Clean 2. Install shaft protector sleeve. Shaft protector sleeve 3. Install Rotor Remover/Installer i04153 Handle Thumbscrew Forcing screw . Center ball on forcing screw in recess at end of engine sprocket shaft. Rotate the handle of the tool in a counterclockwise direction to ease rotor into position over stator. 4. Loosen thumbscrews and remove Rotor Remover/Installer. Remove Shaft Protector Sleeve. 5. Install the shaft extension on engine sprocket shaft. No alternator rotor spacer is necessary). 6. Follow instructions in applicable Service Manual and install the clutch assembly, primary chain and shaft extension as a single assembly. 7. Apply two drops of Red LOCTITE®262 to threads of clutch nut and engine sprocket nut. Tighten nuts as fol- lows: Clutch nut- (left hand threads), 70-80 ft-lbs (94.9-105.5 Nm) Engine sprocket nut- 150-165 ft-lbs (203-223 Nm). 8. Follow instructions in Service Manual and install the Primary Chaincase Cover using new gasket from kit, if necessary.