Honda CR 125/ 250R The MSD Enhancer Ignition INSTALLATION


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The following explains some technical aspects of the Enhancer Ignition. Battery: The battery is necessary to the operation of the Enhancer in two regards. • The battery supplies voltage to the complex timing feature of the Enhancer.
• The Enhancer has a built in boost circuit that amplifies the spark energy at low rpm where the stock magneto is insufficient. The MSD NiCad Battery pack, PN 4381, must be charged with the recommended battery charger or an MSD Fast Charger, PN 4385. The battery should be completely discharged before recharging. If a 7.2 Battery Charger is used, the recommended time for charging is seven hours. With the MSD Fast Charger the battery only needs to charge for one hour. Note: No fast charger besides the MSD Fast Charger may be used to charge the MSD NiCad Battery. Damage to the battery will occur. Timing: The Enhancer Ignition allows the user to adjust the ignition timing curve to optimize engine
power output. This is done by rotating the potentiometer shaft located on the back of the ignition. Clockwise rotation retards the timing while counterclockwise advances the timing (Figure 1). Coil: The MSD Enhancer Ignition System includes a special Pro CD Coil. This coil has an extremely low primary resistance and a high turns ratio to produce maximum spark energy. The Pro CD Coil is encapsulated in a Rynite compound that is impervious to contaminates and vibration. Note: Do not use the stock coil with the Enhancer Ignition