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This mount was made to attach the HD FLH assembled fairing to the 4 fork mounting points on the VTX 1300 using the Memphis Shades mounts. This allows use of the MS allen wrench to quickly remove the fairing if needed. You will have to make or buy a headlight extension. Has to be done first. I used a 5″ x 5″ x .5″ piece of aluminum stock and made one to bump the headlight out 4″. There will be some trimming and relocating of brackets. And you’ll have to buy longer bolts to mount everything correctly. Get the headlight squared away first, then do the fairing. Take a length of 1″ aluminum angle stock and cut two 17″ pieces from it. These will be the uprights for the “H” brace. Measure 5.5″ from the bottom of one piece and center punch for a hole. Drill a large enough hole to slip over the MS mounting hardware on the forks. Start at about ½” bit and notch out as necessary. Center of this hole has to be 5.5″ from the absolute bottom of the angle iron. In the same location, drill out another notch for the bottom mounting point. A drill press is handy for these modifications and you can hog out the mounting notches with a file, dremmel, etc., until they fit. Do the same for the other length of 1″ angle stock but make sure it is a mirror image of the first one. Test fit these by mounting them to the MS fork brackets using the MS bracket hardware. Bottom notch goes in first, then the top notch. I epoxied the back “nuts” of the mounting hardware to the fork mounting brackets. It keeps it in place when you’re taking the fairing on and off the bike. On the top mounting points, I epoxied a washer with one side ground flat to the bolt’s mounting ferule. This allowed better contact between the H brace and the fork mounting bracket. Didn’t want that fairing falling off. Adjust as necessary and after the test fit, remove.