BMW S1000 RR Rider's Manual


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Standard status indicators Multifunction display 1 Speedometer 2 Coolant temperature 3 Clock (37) 4 Odometer and tripmeters (38) 5 Ride mode (43) 6 Gear indicator (20) Telltale lights 1 Flashing turn indicators, left 2 Flashing turn indicators, right 3 Idle 4 High-beam headlight Gear indicator The gear engaged or Nforneut- ralappearsonthe display. If no gear is engaged, the ‘neutral’telltale light also lights up. Service-due indicator If the next service is due in less than one month, the date for the next service is shown briefly after the Pre-Ride Check completes. Month 1 and year 2 are shown; in this example the read- ingmeans”August 2010″. 3 If the motorcycle covers long dis- tancesinthe course of the year, under certain circumstances it might be necessary to have it serviced at a date in advance of the forecast due date. If the countdown distance to the odometer reading at whichaservice will be due is less than 1000 km, the distance is counted down in steps of 100kmandisshown briefly after the Pre-Ride Check completes. If service is overdue, the due date or the odometer reading at which service was due is accom- paniedbythe’General’warning light showing yellow. The word “Service”remains permanently visible. If the sevice-due indicator appears more than a month before the service date, the date saved in the instrument cluster must be adjusted. This situation can occur if the battery was disconnected fora prolonged period of time. If you want to have the date set consulta specialist workshop, preferably an authorised BMW Motorraddealer. Standard warnings Mode of presentation Warnings are output byawarning light 1 or indicated byawarning string in the display.