Baja DR70 Dirt Bike OWNER'S MANUAL


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Before Starting the Engine/Motor 1. Engine oil level a) Check for leaks b) Tighten filler cap securely. c) Add oil if required. 2. Fuel level a) Add fuel as necessary. b) Do not overfill (no fuel in the filler neck). c) Do not mix oil with gas. d) Replace cap tightly. e) Do not refuel a hot engine. Allow engine to cool before adding fuel. 3. Warning decals a) Make sure all warning decals are legible and securely attached. b) Replace as necessary. 4. Tires a) Ensure that both tires are in safe riding condition. b) Both tires must be inflated to the pressure indicated on the tire sidewalls. 5. Drive chain a) Check condition and tension. b) Lubricate and adjust tension as necessary. 6. Throttle a) Check for smooth operation. Make sure the throttle “snaps” back to idle. b) Check for frayed cable or damaged cable housing. Replace damaged cable. c) Check for mud, debris and ice in the throttle cable/mechanism. Clean out any contamination. 5 SAFETY GEAR A DOT approved motorcycle helmet is the most important part of you safety gear. A DOT approved motorcycle helmet can help prevent a serious head injury. Choose a helmet that fits snugly. Motorcycle dealers can help in selecting a good quality helmet which fits properly.