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1. Turn Harley Davidson thumb screw control all the way off. 2. Remove screw (A) from the motorcycle throttle housing. Position the mounting bracket, as shown in drawing. Replace throttle housing screw through the hole in the foot of the mounting bracket and into the throttle housing. Loosely tighten screw. 3. Slide the cruise control’s slip ring assembly over the end of the throttle grip up to the switch housing. NOTE: Metal band on slip ring assembly is next to switch housing not set screws. Insert correct size rubber filler between slip ring assembly and grip with “joint” of filler on bottom side, midway between two set screws. Tighten all set screws into rubber filler until tight or flush. 4. Place thumb lever slot over eye bolt. Depress spring to line up holes, and insert socket head screw. 5. Insert thumb lever screw into the hole in the head of mounting bracket that keep screw parallel to grip. Install the washer then the locknut on the thumb lever screw. Tighten locknut until mounting bracket and thumb lever are snug BUT loose enough to let thumb lever move freely up and down. 6. Secularly tighten the throttle housing screw (A) in step 1. 7. Twist throttle back and forth to insure there is no binding, slip ring is “SQUARE” with switch housing and thumb lever operates smoothly between “ON” and “OFF”. 8. CRUISE CONTROL ADJUSTMENTS – Twist throttle to half position and push thumb lever down to “SET” position. Throttle should hold snugly in this position. Flipping thumb lever to “OFF” position, releases cruise control hold, throttle should return to “OFF” position. Tightening acorn nut (B) will increase cruise control hold. Loosening acorn nut will decrease cruise control hold. Always check to make sure that throttle can be rotated both ways in “SET” position after adjustments.