2006 Ninja ZX-14 Bikeland comes Full Circle


Filed Under (Kawasaki) by admin on 30-11-2010

think it’s safe to say that none of us expected the newest incarnation of the ZX-12R – the Ninja ZX-14 – to look the way it does. Since its announcement in September 2005 Bikeland’s members questioned the ZX-14′s looks, its performance, its overall size and weight. In fact members have questioned pretty much everything about the ZX-14 from its George Foreman Grill RF900′esque strakes to the omission of the letter “R” in the model name. For months there has been little to do but wait, ponder, discuss, dissect and speculate about this bike. Kawasaki has remained amazingly tight lipped about the ZX-14 and its potential performance. I feel fortunate that Kawasaki has valued our members’ input throughout all these years enough to invite Bikeland to the World Press Introduction, and for that all of you should feel honored. This is a level of recognition we never expected when freek and I first sat down and decided to build the website. I don’t think that the membership of this site realizes the amount of work the staff at KMC have put into this event, and the birth of this model. The last two years have been an eye opening experience for all of us at Bikeland as we have had a front row seat (whether we knew it or not) to watch and participate in the creation of a brand new motorcycle. As your direct representative at this event I had some serious business to attend to. When I found out from Kawasaki that we could include a second rider from Bikeland, the choice was daunting. So many of you have contributed your thoughts and feelings, your technical knowledge and your expertise that we didn’t really know if there could be a single “right choice”. The decision was difficult but after much deliberating we asked MadMike to accompany me to this introduction, and our reasoning was purposeful