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1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Perform this installation when the engine is cool. Installing these mufflers when the engine is hot could cause burns which could result in moderate to minor injury. 2. Remove mufflers according to applicable Service Manual instructions. Shotgun exhaust mufflers will come off the vehicle as a pair, attached together. Staggered dual mufflers will come off the vehicle attached to the interconnect tube. 3. For a shotgun exhaust, skip to Step 6. 1 CAUTION 1 WARNING 1 WARNING 1 of 2 4. Remove mufflers from interconnect tube and discard gaskets and mufflers. 5. Install mufflers to interconnect pipe using new gaskets (6) and existing screws. Slip muffler clamps (1) on mufflers and install assembly back on vehicle. Tighten screws to 96-120 in-lbs (10.8-13.6 N-m). Tighten muffler clamps to 45-60 ft-lbs (61-81.3 Nm). Attach the interconnect tube to the frame using the existing flange lock nuts and washers. Tighten to 30-33 ft-lbs (40.7- 44.7 Nm). 6. On shotgun style assemblies, assemble top and bottom mufflers using interconnect seal. Torque screws to 96-120 in-lbs (61-81.3 Nm). Attach interconnect tube to frame using existing flange locknuts and washers. Torque to 30-33 ft-lbs, (40-7-44.7 Nm). 7. Replace fasteners and tighten as follows: muffler clamps to 45-60 ft-lbs (61-81.3 Nm), flange locknut on carriage bolt to 30-33 ft-lbs (40.7-44.7 Nm) and tighten screws and washers to 15-19 ft-lbs (20.3-25.8 Nm). 8. Reconnect negative battery cable. Tampering Prohibition Federal law prohibits any modification to this exhaust system which causes the motorcycle to exceed the Federal noise standard. Use of the motorcycle with such a modified exhaust system is also prohibited. Noise Emission Warranty Gabilan Manufacturing, Inc. warrants that these mufflers, at the time of sale, meet all applicable United States E.P.A. Federal noise standards. This warranty extends to the first person who buys these mufflers for purposes other than resale, and to all subsequent buyers. Warranty claims should be directed to an authorized Harley-Davidson Dealer. NOTE This product should be checked for repair or replacement if the motorcycle noise has increased significantly through use. Otherwise, the owner may become subject to penalties under state and local ordinances.