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Gasoline/Ethanol Blends Blends of unleaded gasoline and ethanol (grain alcohol), also known as GASOHOL, may be used in your vehicle if the ethanol content is not greater than 10%. Gasoline/Methanol Blends Fuels containing 5% or less methanol (wood alcohol) may be suitable for use in your motorcycle if they contain co-solvents and corrosion inhibitors. DO NOT USE fuels containing more than 5% methanol under any circumstances. Fuel system damage or motorcycle performance problems resulting from the use of such fuels are not the responsibility of Suzuki and may not be covered under the New Vehicle Limited Warranty or the Emission Control System Warranty . Fuel Pump Labeling In some states, pumps that dispense oxygenated fuels are required to be labeled for the type and percentage of oxygenate, and whether important additives are present . Such labels may provide enough information for you to determine if a particular blend of fuel meets the requirements listed above. In other states, pumps may not be clearly labeled as to the content or type of oxygenate and ad- ditives . If you are not sure that the fuel you intend to use meets these requirements, check with the service station operator or the fuel suppliers. d of. ; NOTE: • * To help clean the air, Suzuki recommends that you use the oxygenated fuels . • * Be sure that any oxygenated fuel you use has octane ratings of at least 87 pump octane ((R+M)/2 method) . • * If you are not satisfied with the driveablity or fuel economy of your motorcycle when you are using an oxygenated fuel, you should switch back to regular unleaded gasoline . • * If engine pinging is experienced, substitute another brand as there are differences between brands . A CAUTION Spilled gasoline containing alcohol can harm your motorcycle. Alcohol can damage painted surfaces. Be careful not to spill any fluid when filling the fue