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STAINLESS STEEL bracket made of marine grade Stainless Steel for ultimate corrosion protection and durability. Available in 1/ 4 ” and 3/ 8 ” inlet/outlet versions. b ALUMINUM bracket 3/ 8 ” inlet/outlet for easy installation on high-horsepower boats. Filter Features… Filter Features… Filter Features… Filter Features… Filter Features… * 28 Micron filter element shaped into 66 pleats.More pleats means more capacity. * Steel end caps on elements. More Filter Features… More Filter Features… More Filter Features… More Filter Features… More Filter Features… * Heavy duty spring. * Powder coated outside, epoxy coated inside for corrosion protection. * Meets OEM specifications. * Will not separate 2 cycle oil from gasoline. * Do not use with diesel fuel. * Made in the U.S.A. * Best flow rate of all major brands * New attractive retail packaging

FC Shock Spring Installation Guide


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Installation: 1. Remove the fork springs according to the OEM Owner’s Manual. 2. Check/adjust fork oil level and weight according to OEM Specifications. Caution: Most inverted forks will not require the use of any shim washers or spacers. In cases where use is necessary with the twin chamber style fork, the shims must be placed at the bottom of the spring. Most conventional forks (non-inverted) will use shim washers or spacers at the top of the fork spring. 3. Install Factory Connection fork springs and refer to OEM Owner’s Manual for proper assembly procedures. 4. Be sure to double check all fasteners. Note: Most modern day forks require special tools for disassembly and assembly of the components. Examples : Showa 47/49mm Twin Chamber, KYB 48mm Twin Chamber, WP 07 SX Models/SXS Components. Installing fork springs is an intricate process that should be performed with extreme care by a qualified suspension technician. Failure to install the springs correctly could cause damage to one or more components of the fork. This damage, although not readily apparent, could lead to unexpected failure or rider injury. Factory Connection manufactures models specific fork springs. Installation of a Factory Connection spring not designed for your motorcycle may result in unexpected failure and rider injury. Please consult your Factory Connection spring dealer or call Factory Connection directly if you are unsure about a spring/or springs. 1. Factory Connection’s Limited Lifetime Warranty Factory Connection warrants, to the original retail purchaser (“consumer”) who retains ownership of the vehicle on which the suspension spring(s) (“products(s)”) was originally installed, all suspension springs for life against factory defects in material and workmanship (other than defects in finish) when used under normal use and operating conditions. 2. Your Remedy Upon verification of warranty coverage, Factory Connection at its option will replace defective or prematurely worn-out product (s), without charge, or refund the purchase price of the products(s). This is the Consumer’s sole and exclusive remedy for any loss or damage, however arising, due to a nonconformity or defect in the product(s). 3. Warranty Claim Procedure To make claim under this warranty, the consumer should contact the Factory Connection dealer or Factory Connection where the product(s) was purchased. Factory Connection reserves the right to test the returned product(s) to evaluate the nonconformity or possible defect. The Consumer is responsible for all costs of returning the defective or prematurely worn-out product(s) to the Factory Connection dealer as well as all costs for removing the product(s) from and installing the products(s) on the vehicle.

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