APRILIA RSV 1000 R – RSV 1000 R FACTORY Workshop manual


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LUBRICANTS DANGER A good lubrication ensures the vehicle safety. Failure to keep the lubricants at the recommended level or the use of a non-suitable new and clean type of lubricant can lead to the engine or gearbox seizure, thus leading to serious accidents, personal injury or even death. Gear oil may cause serious damage to the skin if handled daily and for long periods. Wash your hands carefully after use. Do not dispose of oil into the environment. Take it to the filling station where you usually buy it or to an oil salvage center. WARNING When filling the vehicle with this oil, take care not to spill it out since it could damage the vehicle paint- work. In case of contact with oil, the tyres surface will become very slippery, thus becoming a serious danger for your safety. In case of leaks, do not use the vehicle. Check and trace the cause of leaks and proceed to repair. ENGINE OIL DANGER Prolonged or repeated contact with engine oil may cause severe skin damage. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling engine oil. Do not release into the environment. Dispose of engine oil through the nearest waste oil reclamation firm or through the supplier. Wear latex gloves during servicing FRONT FORK FLUID DANGER Front suspension response can be modified to a certain extent by changing damping settings and/or selecting a particular grade of oil. Standard oil grade is SAE 20 W. Different oil grades can be selected to obtain a particular suspension response. (Choose SAE 5W for a softer suspension, 20W for a stiffer sus- pension). The two grades can also be mixed in varying solutions to obtain the desired response. GENERAL INFORMATION 1 -9 RSV 1000 R – RSV 1000 R FACTORY BRAKE FLUID NOTE This vehicle is fitted with front and rear disc brakes. Each braking system is operated by an independent hydraulic circuit. The information provided below applies to both braking systems. DANGER Do not use the vehicle in case brakes are worn out or do not work properly! The brakes are the parts that most ensure your safety and for this reason they must always be perfectly working. Failure to comply with these recommendations will probably lead to a crash or an accident, with a consequent risk of personal injury or death. A wet surface reduces brakes efficiency.