Harley-Davidson feuling Adjustable Pushrods Installation Instructions


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1. Refer to the proper factory service manual for your model and year of engine, for removal of existing pushrods. 2. The Feuling pushrods are designed with a small adjustment parameter for rigidity creating maximum lift – These are not quick install pushrods and may require the removal of the lifter blocks and or loosing of the breathers/rocker arms supports. When loosening the rocker arm supports always remove the breather bolts first. 3. Clean and inspect each new Feuling pushrod including center oil hole 4. Feuling pushrods are marked Intake and Exhaust. The shorter pushrods are Intake and the longer pushrods Exhaust 5. Feuling recommends using new O-rings and gaskets where applicable to prevent oil leaks
6. Always pump up hydraulic lifters before installing them. Use an oil squirt can to fill the lifter with oil through the feed hole on the side of the lifter, push oil through the feed hole until the air bubbles are gone. If needed work the oil back and forth through the feed hole and pushrod seat with the squirt can. Light weight oil can be helpful. 7. Assemble and adjust one cylinder at a time, the servicing cylinder needs to be on TDC of compression stroke so the cam lobes are at their lowest point 8. Install pushrods into proper locations with the adjusting side of the pushrod down, towards the lifter. Slide the pushrods through the pushrod covers up into the rocker housing and set the pushrod on the seat of the lifter. We recommend filling the pushrods with oil then maneuver the pushrod up into the rocker arm seat. 9. Torque rocker arm housings and breathers to factory torque spec’s 10. See the instructions for your lifters for the proper adjustment. All Feuling hydraulic lifters run best at . 090″ – . 100″ of crush.