Kawasaki ZX-14 Stage I Turbo Kit INSTALLATION MANUAL


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The following items will need to be addressed in order to prepare your ZX14 for the Stage I Turbo kit installation. Please refer to your Kawasaki service manual for further information. q* Remove the following bodywork: Tank front cover Seat Side Fairing Lower Fairing Lower Rear Cowl q* Drain and remove the fuel tank. q* Drain the cooling system into a clean container so that it can be reused. (This is best done from the drain bolt in the water pump housing, open the filler cap to vent while draining.) Remember that coolant is poisonous. Be sure to keep it away from pets and children and store it in a clearly marked and sealed container. q* Remove the radiator.Remove the exhaust system. q* Remove the air box lids and rear inlet tubes. q* Drain the oil and remove the oil filter. q* Remove the crankcase breather line from the frame (left hand side behind the throttle bodies) and plug this inlet with the provided rubber cap and clamp.(photo 2) q* Remove the oil water trap line and install an 8 x 16mm allen bolt and washer. (photo 2) q* Remove the oil sender unit (on oil pan). q* Remove the upper radiator shroud (attached to engine). This will be modified later to accomodate the 2″ air inlet pipe. q* Remove the secondary butterflies. (photo 1) 1. Heat the screws on each plate using a heat gun on medium heat. 2. Remove the screws and plates. (DO NOT OPEN THE THROTTLE DURING REMOVAL!)