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Kit includes 1 Mid pipe 1 Silencer 1 Silencer clamp 1 8×20 bolt 1 quiet core Installation instructions Save your stock parts. Some may be used for installation of new pipe! 1. Remove your stock silencer leaving the stock head pipe. 2. install mid pipe sliding it over the end of the stock head pipe. 3. place the Silencer onto the mid pipe. Make sure the clamps are in correct position. Loosely mount the silencer w/ the provided 8×20 bolts. 4. Tighten the silencer bolt (torque to manufactures specs). 5. Make sure the clamps are tightened to the silencer. 6. Install LTE’s Gen 3 TFI that is programmed for optimum performance w/ no tuning. 7. After running this unit for the first 15-20 minutes allow the system to cool and re-check the system for any loose bolts or nuts. It is also good to check the spark plug to see that you are not running to lean or rich. NOTE: TFI Gen 3 specs are for sea level with the airbox lid removed for optimum performance. Check your packing after 20hrs of riding for optimum power and lowest db levels. It is your responsibility to read and understand these instructions.