2000-2010 KTM X2 SWITCH WIRING HARNESS Removal and Installation Manual


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The included 3600-SWHA switch harness is intended for use with offroad models that do not come with a Hi/Low beam switch from the factory. The harness is compatable with stock AC lighting electrical systems as well as high output DC electrical systems. 1. Remove the stock numberplate or headlight. Remove the stock kill switch from handlebars and replace with the 3600-SWHA switch. 2. Remove the gas tank. Route the white and black leads from the 3600-SWHA under the tank following the wires from the stock kill switch. Disconnect the stock kill switch bullet and connect the white wire of the 3600-SWHA to the wiring harness. Disconnect the stock kill switch ring terminal and connect the ring terminal of the 3600-SWHA. Fully remove the stock kill switch. Be sure all the wires are safe from being burned or pinched and re-install the gas tank. 3. Disconnect the two female spade terminals from the stock headlight switch (if present). Connect the terminal with the yellow wire to the red power lead from the switch. Connect the white wire to the blue accessory output from the switch. Be sure the clear silicone sleeves are covering the stock plastic housings. 4. Connect the X2 headlight to the switch headlight plug. Note: The stock headlight plug will not be used for the X2 installation, but is still functional for connecting the stock headlight. The stock plug will turn on and off with the new headlight switch, and will be powered in either of the Low or High Beam positions