Automatic Transmission/ Transaxle Fluid Level Inspection Temperature Rang es


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For vehicles equipped witha transmission requiring the use of the overflow type automatic transmission fluid (ATF) inspection process, the A TF must be withinaspecific temperature range for accurate fluid level inspection. Inspecting the A TF outside of the specified temperature range may result in incorrectA TF fluid levels and could lead to shift quality, M.I.L. “ON”, and/or transmission damage issues. Please seethe information in this bulletin for updated A TF level inspection temperature ranges. HINT For additional information including animations and video illustrations, please seethe Technical Training course E076: “Toyota ATF Level Inspection”. NOTE Please see TSB No. TC 010-07, “World Standard Automatic Transmission Fluid”, for important tips when working with A TFWS. ©2008 ToyotaMotor Sales, USA Page 1of3
T-SB-0129-08 July9,2008 Page 2of3 Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Fluid Level Inspection Temperature Ranges Warranty Information OP CODE DESCRIPTION TIME OFP T1 T2 N/A Not Applicable to Warranty – - — Parts Information PREVIOUS PART NUMBER CURRENT PART NUMBER PART NAME QTY 00289-ATFWS Same ATFWS As needed Required Tools&Equipment



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Disconnect both battery cables. Disconnect negative cable first, then positive cable Disconnect and move radiator out of the way. . Remove overflow hose from radiator spout. b. Remove four bolts securing radiator to core sup-port. c. Lift radiator up out of slots in core support. d. Straighten tabs on radiator. e. Lay radiator on fan while lifting body. 3. Relocate alternator ground strap if equipped Adhere to recommendations when replacement fasten-
ers, retainers and keepers are called out in the factory service manual. When re-assembling the vehicle it is recommended by the vehicle manufacturer that certain fasteners are replaced in order to maintain proper
retention characteristics. This system may not include all replacement hardware as recommended by the fac-
tory service manual. Additional replacement hardware should be obtained prior to installation of this system to
meet the requirements of the factory service manual.