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GENERAL INFORMATION MOTORCYCLE IDENTIFICATION EAS00017 VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER The vehicle identification number 1 is stamped into the right side of the steering head pipe. EAS00018 MODEL CODE The model code label 1 is affixed to the frame. This information will be needed to order spare parts CABLE ROUTING 1 Throttle cable 2 Front brake light switch lead 3 Right handlebar switch lead 4 Clutch cable 5 Left handlebar switch lead 6 Clutch switch lead 7 Front turn signal/position light lead (left) 8 Main switch lead 9 Indicator lights lead 0  Speedometer cable A Meter light lead B Headlight coupler C Wire harness D Front turn signal/position light lead (right) E Brake hose ب Fasten the brake hose with a plastic locking tie to the brake hose grommet. ة Fasten the wire harness with a plastic locking tie PERIODIC CHECKS AND ADJUSTMENTS INTRODUCTION This chapter includes all information necessary to perform recommended checks and abjustments.If followed, these preventive maintenance procedures will ensure more reliable vehicle operation, a longer service life and reduce the need for costly overhaul work.This information applies to vehicles already in service as well as to new vehicles that are being prepared for sale.All service technicians should be familiar with this entire chapter. PERIODIC MAINTENANCE CHART FOR EMISSION CONTROL SYSTEM