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COLOR TABLE MARCH, 2004 ©2004 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. 9 When ordering a colored part: 1. Confirm the color code for the required part from the color table according to the part name and color type. 2. Select the corresponding part number from the appropriate PAGE/GRID. 3. Parts marked “X” are unused. 4. “*” = Basic Part Number, no extension (i.e. ZA, ZB). CBR1000RR’04 2004 No. COLOR CODE BASE COLOR NH1 Black NH1 R258B Winning red R258 NH411B Force silver metallic NH411M A R E A DESCRIPTION BASIC PART NO. 1CLIP, PANEL FIXING 91549-MW0-790 ZA ZA ZA 2COWL (UPPER) 64211-MEL-000 ZA ZB ZC 3COWL SET, L. (LOWER) (WL) 64450-MEL-670 ZF ZG ZH 4COWL SET, L. MIDDLE (WL) 64350-MEL-670 ZA ZD ZE 5COWL SET, R. (LOWER) (WL) 64400-MEL-670 ZF ZG ZH 6COWL SET, R. MIDDLE (WL) 64300-MEL-670 ZA ZD ZE 7COWL SET, RR. SEAT (WL) 77210-MEL-010 ZE ZF ZG 8FENDER, FR. 61100-MEL-000 ZA ZC ZB 9FRAME 50100-MEL-670 ZAZAZAA 10 FRAME 50100-MEL-770 ZA ZA ZAAC 11LABEL, COLOR 87565-MEL-000 ZD ZE ZF 12MARK, COWL (LOWER) 64819-MEL-000 ZD ZE ZB 13MARK, L. TOP SHELTER 64852-MEL-000 — ZA ZC 14MARK, L. TOP SHELTER 64856-MEL-000 ZA — — 15MARK, MIDDLE COWL 64811-MEL-000 ZA — — 16MARK, R. TOP SHELTER 64851-MEL-000 — ZA ZC 17MARK, R. TOP SHELTER 64855-MEL-000 ZA — — 18MARK, RR. SEAT COWL 64841-MEL-000 ZA ZB ZD 19MARK, RR. SEAT COWL 64842-MEL-000 ZA ZB ZD 20RAIL ASSY., SEAT 50200-MEL-010 ZA ZA ZA 21SHELTER SET, TOP (WL) 83150-MEL-670 ZA ZD ZE 22STRIPE A, L. MIDDLE COWL 64814-MEL-670 — ZC ZA 23STRIPE A, R. MIDDLE COWL 64813-MEL-670 — ZC ZA 24STRIPE C, L. MIDDLE COWL 64817-MEL-670 — ZA ZB 25STRIPE C, L. MIDDLE COWL 64818-MEL-670 — ZA ZB 26STRIPE, L. TOP SHELTER 64854-MEL-000 — ZB ZB 27STRIPE, R. TOP SHELTER 64853-MEL-000 — ZB ZB 28STRIPE, WINDSCREEN 64805-MEL-000 ZA ZA ZA 29WHEEL SUB-ASSY., FR. 44650-MEL-000 ZA ZA ZA 30WHEEL SUB-ASSY., RR. 42650-MEL-010 ZA ZA ZA 31WINDSCREEN SET 64250-MEL-000 ZA ZA ZA