2007 KTM 250, 450, 505, SX-F QPX Performance Tip/ Spark Arrester Clean out Procedure


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Step 1: Take off the end cap of exhaust by removing the five (5) screws using a T-20 torx wrench. Cut the silicone around stock end cap using a box knife, then pull cap straight off. Step 2: Step 3: To install your new QPX Performance Tip/Spark Arrester, slide QPX assembly into muffler with engraving on base right side up. Step 4: Align holes of QPX base and muffler, then reinstall the five (5) original screws with your T-20 torx wrench. Installation is now complete. Store instructions in a safe place for future reference. (See clean out instructions on reverse.) If the spark arrester screen isn’t already installed in the QPX Performance Tip, remove the four (4) M6 bolts attaching the cone to the base, remove cone, install screen between base and cone, reinstall M6 bolts and tighten. Do NOT tighten. Start, but leave loose until all screws are started, the tighten securely.