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may encounter clearance problems when re-installing the saddlebags. Check for a minimum of 5mm. clearance to prevent damage to the saddlebags. Measure clearance in the recessed area in the “backside” of the saddlebags where the shock sits. Check front, back and side clearance. THE BAGS MUST INSTALL WITHOUT UNDO FORCE. If they don’t, they are hitting the shock and/or shock boot. ****************** Inspect the clearance through the full range of motion of the swing arm ******************* n If more clearance is required, three suggested options are as follows: 1. Place washers between the mounting points where the saddlebags attach to the rails. This will move the bag slightly outward and away from the shock body. NOTE: On saddlebags utilizing DZUS FASTENERS (’85-’92), replace these with bolt/nut combination (as on ’93-’94 years). This will allow you to use washers to gain necessary clearance. 2. Remove or slide off the rubber boot that covers the shock shaft and attaches the body of the shock. The boot can be modified and reattached to the shaft (not the body) and secured with nylon ties and/or removed completely. This should gain you a minimum of 3mm of clearance. 3. Slot and/or space the saddlebag “rail/frame cage” mounting holes to allow the entire frame assembly to be moved out slightly from the shock body. You should use this modification only as a last resort n Lower motorcycle and check preload (shock spring stiffness). Adjustment may be necessary to suit personal preference in ride comfort. Read your Harley-Davidson owners manual for procedure. Test Ride.