Honda GL 500 MiniTrike Installation Manual


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Refer to diagram for bracket identification 1. Secure motorcycle in an upright stable position 2. Attach bracket A (left) to rear footpeg mount. 3. Attach bracket B (right) to rear footpeg mount. 4. Remove rear saddlebags. 5. Attach top of brackets C/D to saddlebag sub frame hardware as in photo. Place enclosed 3/8 spacer between brackets C/D and inside of sub frame. 6. Attach axles and wheels to MiniTrike frame and place in proper position and relation behind motorcycle. 7. Attach bracket A (left) / B (right) to TOP of forward attaching points on MiniTrike frame. 8. Attach bottom of brackets C/D to rear mounting plate on MiniTrike frame 9. Ensure MiniTrike is square with motorcycle and tighten all bolts. 10. Remount saddlebags. Wheel Alignment Wheel alignment is critical for proper tire wear and handling. With MiniTrike installed measure A and B . Loosen axle plates and align wheel so A and B are equal to within 1/16th of an inch. Tighten axle bolts and torque to 45 pounds. Repeat for C and D . It may be necessary to shim axle plates for proper alignment. NOTE : The measurement of A and B may not be the same as C and D. This is normal and presents no difficulty