Kawasaki KLX450R Dual Sport Kit Installation And Removal Manual


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1. Remove the seat, fuel tank, and side panels. 2. Unplug and remove the stock headlight. 3. Taillight Installation: The Baja Designs taillight will run in conjunction with the stock taillight for this installation. Start by removing the first wire guide that the stock taillight wires pass through near the end of the fender. Once removed, trim off the remaining molded mounting boss as shown in Photo 1. Drill three ΒΌ” holes in the fender and use the provided countersunk mounting hardware to attach the Baja Designs taillight as shown in Photo 2. The rear edge of the LED cluster should line up with the rear edge of the fender. Route the wires forward between the plastics to the left of the front mounting bolt. We’ll attach them in a later step. Photo 1 Molded mounting boss removed Stock taillight Photo 2
4. Turn Signal Installation: Drill a 7/16″ hole in each side of the fender plastic in the locations shown in Photo 3. Install the rear turn signals and route the wires forward as shown in Photo 4. Photo 3 Photo 4 Zip-tie BD taillight wires to fender here Route left signal wires through fender with stock taillight wires 5. Brakelight Switch: The KLX uses a hydraulic operated switch to activate the brakelight. Installation of this switch requires bleeding the rear brake system. If you do not feel competent performing this task please refer it to a qualified mechanic. An improperly bled brake can lead to rear brake failure. Caliper Guard Modification: The hydraulic brakeswitch replaces the banjo-bolt that attaches the rear brake hose to the caliper. Because of its larger size, the plastic caliper guard must be relieved slightly to provide clearance. Remove the caliper guard and modify as shown in Photo 5.