Triumph Daytona 600 Installation of a Speedo Healer


Filed Under (Triumph) by admin on 28-10-2010

This is a step by step instruction on the new 4.0 version of the Speedo Healer on a Triumph Daytona 600. This is a “plug and play” connection that will take between 30 minutes to an hour depending on how well you know your Triumph Daytona. The tools you will need are a 5mm Allen wrench and a pair of pliers and a 10mm socket wrench. Let’s get started. First you will have to make sure you have everything. You should have the Speedo Healer, main wiring harness, speed recall wiring harness, and zip ties. 1/10 Next if you have a rear stand this will be the time to put your bike on its stand. If you don’t have one that is fine, but it makes life a lot easier if you do. Next you will have to remove your seat. You will need your Allen wrench and to get to the screws you have to pull back on the seat and you will see two screws, remove both of them. Then you should be able to lift and pull the seat off. Set the seat aside. 2/10
Next you will see two gold colored round spools. Use your Allen wrench to remove both of these, there is one on each side. Next you will see two tabs that are turned over the gas tank. You will need to turn these so they are not touching the gas tank. Some times you can do this by hand, but you might need to loosen it with a 10mm socket. 3/10 Next move up to the top of the gas tank next to the yoke and there will be another screw that you need to remove with your Allen wrench