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INSTALLATION To prevent accidental vehicle start-up, which could cause death or serious injury, disconnect battery cables (negative (-) cable first) before proceeding. (00307a) Disconnect negative (-) battery cable first. If positive (+) cable should contact ground with negative (-) cable connected, the resulting sparks can cause a battery explosion, which could result in death or serious injury. (00049a) 1. Disconnect the negative battery cable (-) following the instructions in the owner’s manual. 2. Locate the two-sided template (part number 50002-01) printed on a 11 x 17 inch sheet of poster board. Cut out the template as indicated. 3. If the motorcycle is radio equipped, separate the antenna cable from terminal at antenna base. Remove the nut, lockwasher and ground ring terminal from antenna terminal. Remove phillips head screw threaded into antenna base. Remove mast and antenna base. Detach mast from antenna base by turning counterclockwise with adjustable wrench across flats. 4. See Figure 10. Shield threads of antenna terminal stud with strip of light cardboard. Remove terminal with pliers across cardboard strip. Save terminal and mast for later installation. 5. See Figure 1. Open Tour-Pak top and remove all loose contents. Remove Tour-Pak. Align the template as follows: a. Place center line template (4) along rear top edge of Tour-Pak (1) with curved end against one corner. b. Mark centerline at top edge of Tour-Pak. c. Reverse center line template and mark center with curved end against opposite corner. d. If centerlines overlap, mark center one half the distance between the two lines. e. Place a square against lip at top of Tour-Pak and draw a 3 in (76 mm) line down from the center mark