Installation & Tuning Instructions For all Motorcycle Applications


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1) Start with a cold motorcycle, and remove the seat (see owners manual for seat removal instructions). 2) Locate a suitable place for your new PowerCard: It is generally velcroed or zip tied under the seat or behind cowling, check for the easiest mounting and wire routing. Often it is easier to place the card in the desired location, and then pull wires from there, rather than connecting the wires and trying to work the PowerCard backward. (In a 2004 Yamaha R6 for example, it is easiest to mount the card, then route connectors one by one through to the engine compartment.) 3) Disconnect the battery ground. Battery may need to be removed to aid in installation (2006 Yamaha R1 for example). 4) Remove the fuel tank and necessary cowlings – many tanks can simply be rotated up and away to allow access to the fuel injector connectors. Secure the tank. Be careful to prevent fuel spills if fuel line removal is necessary – use the quick-disconnect fittings if your motorcycle is so equipped. (see owners manual for tank removal instructions) a. Note: ZX10 installation also requires removal of the stock air box. Unbolt, disconnect fittings, and then turn clock-wise one-quarter turn to remove. Distributed Exclusively by Moss Motors, Ltd.
3 PowerCard┬«Instructions Injector lead #3 improperly installed (+) 2 1 (-) 4 3 Distributed Exclusively by Moss Motors, Ltd. 5) Connecting the PowerCard harness inline: a. Remove any one factory fuel injector connector from an injector (a flat blade screwdriver or long nose pliers may be used to ease removal). b. Couple the female connector from the PowerCard onto the fuel injector, and plug the male connector into the ECU/factory wiring harness. c. Repeat for the rest of the fuel injector connectors – The order is not important as long as they are installed as they are paired (in and out)