LED Motorcycle Power Box Installation Instructions


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This box requires the presence of a mounting plate secured to the motorcycle’s luggage rack. If the bike in question is not equipped with a mounting plate, one must be fabricated prior to installation of this box. Five mounting holes (.281″ dia.) are required to mount this box. If the motorcycle is already equipped with a mounting plate, it may be necessary to drill the 5 mounting holes required for this installation. Use the diagram shown to determine the precise location of these holes. 1. Position the box onto the mounting plate. Align the 5 vibration dampeners with the 5 mounting holes in the mounting plate. 2. Using the illustrations shown, secure the box to the mounting plate using the provided hardware. Note: Your luggage rack may already have the correct mounting holes drilled. Check the measurements below and if these holes already exist at the proper distance, remove any existing mounting hardware from the holes and secure the box with the supplied mounting hardware. 3. Place the box into its mounting position on the deck and secure it with the supplied mounting hardware as shown in the diagram. Wiring: Diagrams for optional equipment are found below. Refer to the diagram on the following page for general motorcycle box wiring information