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installation NOTE Prior to installation, hold each organizer up to the lid (without removing the adhesive backing tape) to verify that the organizer fits properly within the recess of the saddlebag lid before moving on to the installation. 1. Use the isopropyl alcohol wipes included in the kit to thoroughly clean the interior surface of both saddlebag lids. Make sure any residue is removed, then allow the lids to dry completely. Make sure the lid surface is free of condensed moisture. NOTE The ideal temperature range for applying the tape is 70 to 100 degrees F (21 to 38 degrees C). Minimum application temperature is 50 degrees F (10 degrees C). If you attempt to apply the tape below these temperatures, the adhesive will become too firm to adhere properly. 2. Locate the double-sided tape on back of the left lid organizer and remove the backing material. NOTE When performing the next Step, be sure to apply pressure to entire length of tape to ensure proper activation of pressure- sensitive adhesive. 3. Carefully center the left lid organizer in the left saddlebag lid recess and press firmly into place. While applying opposing force from outside of lid (to minimize force on tether, hinges, etc.), apply moderate pressure around entire perimeter of organizer and in middle (making sure to include all areas of tape contact). 4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 on the right saddlebag lid with the right saddlebag lid organizer. 5. Allow the tape to cure (“wet-out”) for a minimum of 48 hours at 70 degrees F (allow extra time if temp is below 70 degrees). Do not place items in the Lid Organizer while the adhesive is curing