Harley Davidson Steering Wheel Radio Control Interface Installation instructions


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1) Turn on the ignition to supply power to the SWI-3. 2) Use a pen to depress the “program mode” button. Remove pen when left LED light comes on. 3) Within 10 seconds press and hold one of the steering wheel function buttons. Continue to hold steering wheel button until the left LED turns off. Release the steering wheel button and the right LED turns on. 4) Place the stereo’s IR remote within 3″ of the “IR Input” port on the side of the SWI-3 next to the program button. Press and hold the remote’s button that corresponds to the steering wheel button that was pressed. Continue to hold the remote’s button until the right LED turns off. Release the button and the left LED will turn on. 5) Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all radio steering wheel functions are programmed. 6) When programming is complete, wait 10 seconds and both LED’s will flash 3 times. This indicates an automatic program exit. Do not stop more than 10 seconds while programming or there will be an automatic program exit and you will have to start over at step number 2 above. Turning off ignition before the automatic exit will require starting over at step 2 above. The SWI-3 can be reprogrammed unlimited times. Testing • Test the SWI-3 by holding it’s infrared LED (LED on the end of 4′ lead) close to the stereo and verify that it works properly. Experiment with various locations for the LED. You should be able to find a hidden and convenient mounting location. Try along the top front and /or bottom of the stereo as well as it’s sides. The LED can be replaced with most any IR LED, like Radio Shack’s # 276-143. The longest lead of the LED connects to the red wire of the 4′ cable and the short lead of the LED connects to the black wire of the 4′ cable