Kawasaki Sxi / SXR Tempest 4 (T4) Installation Manual


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Installation Remove electronics enclosure from its Mounting Location 1. Using a 10mm socket remove the mounting bolts on each side of the electronics enclosure. 2. Remove the enclosure cover and set aside the screws, 2 mounting flanges, ‘O” ring, and enclosure top. Unplug and Remove the OEM Ignition 3. Using 10mm socket, remove bolts from each side of the OEM ignition module. Lift the ignition out then unplug all connectors attached to the ignition. Leave in place the metal shield plate and the two spacers under the plate. Secure the plate and spacers by reinstalling the bolts just removed. 4. 2004 and newer models: remove the wire harness for the two black connectors previously connected to the OEM ignition. Trace each wire from each black connector back to the in-line connectors and separate each of these connectors. Set the two wire harnesses aside. 1 Mount the T4 Ignition on shield plate 5. Remove the protective coverings from the two strips of double-face tape on the back of the T4 ignition, position the ignition on the shield plate such that the T4 connector overhangs the edge of the plate and press the ignition in place. This position is required to allow the mating connector latch to be assessable. Be sure of the position before pressing it into place as the tape cannot be removed once in place. Wiring the T4 Ignition 6a. Attach each wire from the T4 connector the mating connectors with matching colored wire in the electrical box. 6b. 2004 and new models: There are two Yellow/Red wires, one with a male connector, the other with a female connector. These wires do not connect to the T4, simply plug these mating connectors together