BMW Motorcycles PolyVbelt adjustment – all R1150 engines


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the maintenance schedules of the R 1150 GS, R 1150 R, R 1150 RS, R 1150 RTand R 1150 RT-CHP have been revised to include the one-time retensioning of the poly-Vbelt as part of the 6,000 mile service. The modified “retensioning”procedure is described below. Note: The special tensioning nut, BMWspecial tool number12 3 551, is required for this adjustment. This special tool is included in the initial equipment package forthe R 1150 RS. In the case of motorcycles that have alreadycovered 6,000 miles, and on which the poly-Vbelt was not retensioned as part of the 6,000 service, this adjustment must be performed as part of the 12,000 mile, ornext scheduled/annual service PolyVbelt tensioning instructions: 1) Remove front engine cover. 2) Undo nut (2) and screw on tensioning nut, BMWspecial tool 12 3 551. 3) Loosen the alternatormounting bolts (3,4). 4) Using a torque wrench, togetherwith BMWspecial tool 12 3 551, preload the polyVbelt to 8 Nm and hold this adjustment. 5) Tighten the upper retaining nut (4), then remove the torque wrench from the adjusting screw. 6) Tighten all screws and nuts 7) Install front cover. Tightening torque: Poly Vbelt preload: ……………………………….8 Nm Alternatorto the alternatorsupport cover20 Nm