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FUEL SELECTION 1. Choose a fuel from a reputable, brand name company that is approved for car/truck use. Do not use airplane or boat fuels in your car/truck. Choose methanol based model engine glow fuel that has a nitro content in the range 10%-30% and 5% to 18% caster/synthetic oil content for lubrication. Lower nitro percentages will generally result in a cooler engine running temperature and therefore last longer before needing a rebuild; cooler-running engines also generally produce less power. 20% nitro is the most widely used fuel. 2. Fuel color is for identification purpose only and is not important to performance or durability of your engine. 3. Be careful. If the tank overflows it might get on your radio gear or on your brakes and it may create an unsafe driving situation. Always keep your fuel bottle closed when not in use. 4. Do not dispose of fuel or empty fuel containers in a fire. It may possibly cause fire or explosion. ENGINE 1. For proper engine break-in procedure, please refer to the manual of your engine. 2. Never run your vehicle without the air filter .If the vehicle will be operated in an area with fine dust, use filter oil or caster oil instead of fuel. It is important that the foam is only moist to trap dirt and allow air passage. With the foam too wet, limited air can pass through; therefore, limiting engine performance. 3. The parts around engine could be dangerously hot after operation. Do not touch it without any protection! RADIO OPERATION 1. When turning radio on, first turn on the transmitter and extend the transmitter antenna. 2. Then, turn on the receiver. When turning off, first turn the receiver off, then the transmitter off. FIRST AID 1. If you drink nitro fuel by accident, immediately drink large quantities of water and try to induce vomiting. Consult with physician right after then. 2. If the nitro fuel gets into your eyes, rinse them well with water. Consult with physician right after then. 3. If the fuel gets onto your skin, wash it well with soap and water. WARNING 1. Improper operations may cause personal and/or property damage. Thunder Tiger and its distributor have no control over damage resulting from shipping, improper construction, or improper usage. 2. Thunder Tiger assumes and accepts no responsibility for personal and/or property damages resulting from the use of improper building materials, equipment and operations. By the act of assembling or operating this product, the user accepts all resulting liability. If the buyer is not prepared to accept this liability, then he/she should return this kit in new, unassembled, and unused condition to the place of purchase.