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Akrapovic SLIP-ON systems have an interesting background. They are developed by the same team which develops exhaust systems for factory and private racing teams in the Superbike and Supersport classes on the highest levels of world motorcycle sport. This means highly perfected designs, strict production quality control and performance which serves as a benchmark for the competition. The Akrapovic SLIP-ON system is composed of a link pipe and a muffler, a carbon-fiber muffler clamp and compression springs. The link pipe is conical, and available in high-quality stainless steel or titanium. At the connection to the muffler, the diameter of the link pipe widens to 60 mm, which ensures maximum utilization of the shape of the pipe for the flow of the exhaust gases. The link pipe is simple to connect to both the muffler and the header assembly with the help of high- quality silicon-shielded springs. The oval mufflers on both sides of the bike complement the look of the Cagiva Raptor, especially in the carbon-fiber version, with a darker outer sleeve. Of course a titanium version is also available; performance is not affected by the choice. You have to decide whether you prefer the distinctive pattern of carbon-fiber or the satin sheen of titanium. The carbon-fiber clamp holds the mufflers in the standard position, so that the stock hanging bracket is used for installation