Harley Davidson Softail Sideshots Exhaust System Installation Manual


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STOCK EXHAUST SYSTEM REMOVAL 1. On FLSTN, FLSTF, FLSTH and FLSTC loosen the right hand floor board mounting bolts to gain clearance for exhaust removal and installation. 2. Loosen the heat shield clamps on both front and rear exhaust pipes. 3. Loosen the crossover pipe clamp, located between the front and rear head pipe. (Not necessary on 2000- up models). 4. Remove the two mounting nuts from each head pipe, located at the cylinder head 5. Remove the bolts attaching the mufflers to the frame. 6. Remove the entire exhaust system and set it aside. 7. On pre 2000 models remove the lower mounting bar. 8. FLSTN, FLSTF and FXSTD models have an upper mounting bar that must be removed in addition to the lower bar. On pre 2000 models go to step #9, on 2000-up models go to step #10. 9. Remove the right passenger foot peg bolt. Position the motorcycle on the side stand with a floor jack under the swing arm pivot bolt on the right hand side. Raise the jack just enough to take the weight off the pivot bolt, remove the bolt and stock mounting bar. Reinstall the pivot bolt and torque to 120 -150 ft. lbs. Reinstall the passenger foot peg using the 1/2″ x 3″ Allen bolt and 1-5/8″ length spacer (supplied). 10. Using a #50 Torx driver, remove the three mounting bolts, and set the mounting bar aside. (Two of the bolts are visible, the third is accessed by removing the right hand passenger foot peg.) Replace the foot peg using the 3/8″ x 2 1/2″ Allen bolt and 3/4″ length spacer (supplied). 11. The bolts and spacers used in the above steps may also be used on all Softail models to space the right rear foot peg away from the exhaust. 12. Carefully remove the flanges and circlips from the stock exhaust system using snapring pliers (save for reuse). NOTE: If circlips look bent or twisted replace them with new circlips.