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Quick Guide to Maintenance Coolant liquid Coolant liquid -30ÂșC Crankcase oil (10w40) 500 cc. Electrode separation 0.6 mm. Forks suspension oil SAE 5 (Summer) SAE 2.5 (Winter) Fork suspension oil quantity200 cm3 Shock absorber spring length96 mm Front wheel pressure Standard 0.400 bar Competition 0.370 bar Rear wheel pressure Standard 0.350 bar Competition 0.300 bar -9- 1 Fuel – Petrol/oil mixture The motorcycle is fitted with a two-stroke internal combustion engine. This type of engine requires a mixture of petrol and oil. To ensure the correct working of the engine, the following are recommended: – Use high quality petrol, with an octane rating equal to or above 90 (RON + MON)/2 or 98 (RON). – Use 2T synthetic oil. Warning: – If the recommended oil is not available, use semi-synthetic oil. – Do not mix different oil-types. Mixture ratio: oil, 1.5% of petrol volume (50 parts petrol to every 0.75 part oil). Note: we recommend first preparing the mixture in a suitable container and then filling the fuel tank. Fuel tank This has a rapid access cap A and a vent hose B to allow gases produced in the tank to escape. – To open the cap, lift the clip in the direction shown by the arrow and turn to the left. Warning! Regularly check the cap seal and vent hose to ensure they are leak proof. Risk of spillage. -10- 3 2 Reserve Open Closed Fuel tap This has three positions: open, closed and reserve. The diagrams below show the position of tap A for each case. A Gear shift The motorcycle has a two- speed gearbox, which may be selected manually when the motorcycle is stationary, by moving the lever A in a horizontal direction, as shown by the arrow. Note: Select the gear according to the characteristics of the track