KTM EXC taillights Installation manual


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Step1: Remove headlight, (headlight switch) seat and gas tank from KTM. Step 2: Partially install the headlight assembly using the top right band only to hold it in place temporarily. You will need to plug wires to this assembly and if you put all four bands on you will not be able to make the connections. Step 3: Install handlebar switch on clutch side. You will need to move clutch perch to the right (about ½ inch to1 inch) to make room for the switch. The red knob on the clutch adjuster should just miss the handlebar switch. The switch plugs into the circuit board on the bottom of the headlight using the 8-pin plug (the only unused 8-pin one on the circuit board) Step 4: Behind the gas tank and in front of the air box is a small rectangular hole in the frame. You will be feeding two lines with the plug ends first down through this hole. They must be fed one line at a time and you may need to use needle nose pliers to grab them and help pull them through. The lines you want to feed through this hole are the power line with two-pin molex plug and the line for the taillight with the six-pin plug. Route these wires all the way to the headlight assembly along the left side of the bike on the bottom of the gas tank frame tube. In this step we will connect the power line only. With the handlebars turned all the way to the right, plug the power wire into the back of the headlight assembly making sure to leave some extra wire so you can turn the handlebars both ways without tugging on the wires. The other end of the power line has battery terminal loops. The positive has an in-line fuse and the other black wire is the negative. Connect these to the battery.