Remote Starter Integration for the 2007 Toyota Camry equipped with the Smart Key System with Push Button Start


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Most of the connections will be done behind the Fuse box. This fuse box is located under the driver side underdash. Also, the vehicle’s TACH wire can be found inside vehicle, as per diagram below and it
is suggested to use this wire for the remote start tach source. The remote start hood pin
switch wire is the only wire which must be run into the engine compartment for safety

Motorcycle Alarm X60 Userʼs Manual


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REMOTE START Press the button twice within two seconds and hold, engine will start automatically, and used for keyless driving and warm-up. Repeat the above operation if the engine does not function due to cold weather or due to slow rotation of engine. NOTE: when using the remote start up, the switch key of the motorcycle cannot be pressed at the same time, otherwise the fuse will blow. How to turn off the remote start function: press the button once then engine will stop. ANTI HOTWIRE When system in armed mode if system detects the ignition is forcibly switched on (hotwired) siren will activate and indicator lights will remain solid, the engine is automatically immobilised and motorcycle cannot be started up. The siren will sound for 30 second if the ignition is switched off, otherwise it will sound continuously. ANTI HIJACK Press the button and button at the same time when ignition is on engine will immobilise immediately, siren will sound continuously and indicator lights will flash continuously. Press the button to de-activate anti hijack mode. VALET MODE In disarming mode, IGNITION OFF position, turn IGNITION ON/OFF 6 times and stopped at ON at the last time, then press button within 5 seconds. LED will be on constantly, indicating system entered into Valet Mode. In this mode, all alarming function disabled. Only remote engine start and bike finding function. Follow the same procedures to exit Valet Mode